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Our know how

ARAMIS REAL ESTATE offers a wide range of tailored services to satisfy a demanding French and international clientele.

Private owners:
ARAMIS REAL ESTATE expertise ensures a mutually rewarding and successful property transaction for both the seller and the new owner.

We find properties based on a shared understanding of the buyer’s precise requirements – floor space, area, locality, suitability as an example of France’s architectural tradition. Our search typically covers: Paris, Neuilly and its neighbourhood, Courchevel, Val d’Isère, the Côte d’Azur and the Bordeaux region.

In partnership with specialist professionals we provide buyers with our renovation, interior design, and decoration services to create that unique, special home.

Our correspondents are located in most of the world financial centres of our main customers such as New York, Miami, London, Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, Moscow, Milan, Rome, and Munich. They are our relays and bring us the investors in search of real-estate investments directly.

We bring advice to our customers throughout the process of a purchase and a sale as well as for the study of adding value to the property.

Our intervention is on:

 - The study of town planning rules, of the occupation of premises, and of the cost of rehabilitation to today’s standards for a bulk sale,
 - The study of the financial value of the whole property with the aim of a bulk sale,
 - The realisation of our feasibility study for the sale of the occupied or non-occupied properties after transactional negotiation and the follow-up of the works with a particular attention on the decoration of the common parts.

Our customers - Private Equity, Real Estate Investment Management – , who need to deal with arbitrations, ask us to manage this for them.

As a true real-estate partner, our knowledge insures you, by our skill, our seriousness and our perfect knowledge of the real-estate market, a tailored up-scale service.


To entrust your real-estate project to ARAMIS REAL ESTATE shows to be a successful experience for the owner as for the buyer.

For the account of institutional owners, banking institutions or private actors, we exercise in a continuous way an important activity of sale of old, recent and renewed buildings, occupied, or non-occupied, in Paris and its neighbourhood.

We have been successful with more than 350 buildings put in co-ownership since 35 years.

Our intervention carries on:

 - The study of the rules of town planning, the occupation of premises, the cost of rehabilitation to today’s standards for a sale for co-ownership and with a study to free the premises,
 - The study of the financial evaluation of the property with the aim of a sale for co-ownership,
 - The realisation of our feasibility study for a sale of the occupied and non-occupied apartments and the follow-up of the works with a particular attention on the decoration of the common parts.


For clients seeking to rent, we find the most beautiful apartments and private homes in Paris and its neighbourhood. These properties represent the best examples of the Parisian style. We also find rental properties in Courchevel, Val d’Isère and Megève and the Côte d’Azur.

Our long experience in these markets enables us to offer you a rental with the best offers, unfurnished or furnished (for short term stays).

At your demand, we can offer you with a luxury concierge service, during your stay in France, in charge of all the different reservations you could need (shows, restaurants, transports…).

The owners who entrust us with their property will find, with our teams, the just advice for a better value of their investment.

ARAMIS REAL ESTATE takes care of the rentals of apartments and mansions in Paris and in inner suburbs for institutional investors;
We propose a dynamic management of the residential properties and commercial properties (shops, offices) to obtain an optimal value of the investment.


We have partners in most parts of the world: New York, Miami, London, Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, Moscow, Venice, Milan, Rome…- they are our relays dedicated to facilitate your future acquisition in France.

Our client-buyers are provided with:
financial and legal assistance with all property transactions in France, a selection of specialist professionals (architects, both French and international interior designers and craftsmen) all selected with criteria of excellence.

To give you a full satisfaction, we work in a full partnership with our clients with a privileged relation of collaboration and trust.

We offer our French and international clients who are visiting Paris a luxury concierge service designed to make our visitor’s stay as luxurious and rewarding as possible. This exclusive service brings a luxury Hotel service for their private residencies (chauffeur services, outings, cleaning, entertainment, travel arrangements)

We will strive to understand your needs and provide you a high level of service you are accustomed to.

Our services are available to satisfy the totality of our customers’ needs.


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